Woman celebrates 101st birthday and credits tequila as secret to ‘happy’ life

A pensioner who has recently celebrated her 101st birthday has revealed her secret to a long life – but it may not be to everyone’s tastes.

Mary Flip, from Arizona, US, has disclosed that the reason she has lived a long and happy existence is thanks to the liquor tequila, and there is even scientific proof as to why taking a shot of it can help you.

Mary – who has lived through the Great Depression, multiple wars and even pandemics and given birth to six kids – now credits the Mexican spirit to still looking comparatively youthful, reports the Daily Star.

And over the last few years, the fiery contents inside the tequila bottle have helped the OAP develop a fiery sense of humour too.

In fact, when her daughter asked: “How do you feel?”, she jokingly went on to reply: “With my hand”.

The 101-year-old sadly lost her mum and sister at a young age and was on her own until shortly after moving to Mexico, she met her husband.

The couple moved back to Chicago where she had her first child, changed careers and became a reputable artist recognised by the Chicago School of Art.

Speaking about her passion, she told NBC 15 : “I really like to draw. And I was able to figure out that things change even as you’re drawing them.

” So, I was able to develop and make them look real. It took time but I had nothing else to do except raise a bunch of kids.”

While discussing the secret to her long life to reporters, it has been reported that Mary celebrated her birthday by treating herself to her favourite ale – Guinness.

As her family and friends danced around her, she joked: “Oh, I’ll get up on the table.”

There is some evidence that tequila, provided it is taken in moderation, can be good for you.

It contains fructans – which is a molecule that acts as a fibre to naturally stimulate the production of insulin.

Insulin is a hormone which is made by the pancreas to allow your body to use sugar from carbohydrates in the food you eat for energy.

Tequila also lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, as it contains agave, which is a sugar from leaves, and it triggers the insulin production into the blood stream.